We Recommend






    For those of you with more adventure spirit we recommend you to visit the late-antic and early-Christian era site “Bargala”, which is only 18 km far from the hotel. “Bargala” is placed on the mountain Plackovica that has many beautiful landscapes and lots of fresh air. You can also enjoy the many caves on the mountain and the variety of wild animals and plants.




    For the ones that enjoy in relaxation and leisure we recommend the spa “Kezovica”, one of the Macedonia’s famous spas that is known for its naturally hot water with healing powers.




    If you want to taste good food and rich wine, there is the restaurant “MAL ODMOR” (which in the local language means “little break”) that serves traditional and European food. As the restaurant’s motto says: “Little break – big satisfaction!” the ones that will visit it will enjoy in the warm environment that brings the best of traditional and modern conventions of tasty and healthy food.